Out of Scope tracks the trends and implications of augmented reality (AR), spatial computing and "digital everything" and will, through a unique partnership, predict cultural and network change related to these technologies.

Out of Scope is primarily written by Doug Thompson. Doug was previously the publisher of BEEKn, the world's leading resource for news on proximity technology and Bluetooth LE beacons. He also published Dusan Writer's Metaverse, a highly influential blog on virtual worlds and related technologies. He was the producer of Metanomics, perhaps the world's first 'serious' talk show hosted in a virtual environment. He can be found on Twitter at @dusanwriter or check out our contact page.

Doug has written over 750,000 words on technology. Whether the topic was virtual worlds or bluetooth, game economies or proximity-based broadcasting, there have been a few common themes:

  • The emergence of new experience platforms and best practices for new technologies (virtual worlds, VR, proximity networks)
  • What they mean for a consumer's sense of identity, connection and community
  • The larger implications for privacy, ownership, content creation, storytelling and authenticity
  • How they change how brands and organizations adapt and change

Algorithms for All! Tracking Change

Out of Scope emerges, in part, from the success of Shodu, a blog which focused primarily on AR.

But there was something missing. We're living in an era of massive change. One of the challenges of this era is to underpin analysis of emerging technologies with an analytic framework.

And so Out of Scope will be using a human-assisted algorithm developed by one of the partners of Bureau of Bright Ideas Ltd.

This partnership will let us map and predict the cultural change that will emerge as the result of this 'everything digital era'. It will provide a computationally valid measurement of the values and networks that emerge and shift as AR and spatial computing achieve scale.

We hope we can collaborate together. We're in an era when what is out of scope will be the source of massive change. We're glad to share the journey with so many like-minded travellers.